Bicycle Advocacy & Participation Groups
Here is perhaps the single best collection of links to non-profit groups that provide
education, political action and other support to the electric and traditional bike industries.
ACA logo
Adventure Cycling Association has developed the
National Bicycle Route Network -- 41,000 miles of
road and mountain bike trails which are depicted on
high-quality route maps.
Alliance logo
The Alliance for Biking and Walking is a coalition of
bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organizations
working to break down the barriers to safe bicycling
and walking in North American communities.
America Bikes logo
America Bikes is a coalition of leaders dedicated to
improving bicycling across the country through the
federal transportation funding bill. The campaign is
mobilizing cyclists, organizations and businesses to
convince Congress that bicycles are an important
element in the transportation mix.
ABA BMX logo
The American Bicycling Association BMX site is a
central point for learning what's happening in the fast
riding, high jumping world of BMX racing.
APBP logo
The Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle
Professionals promotes excellence in the
professional discipline of pedestrian and bicycle
transportation. Most members are employees of
government, consulting firms and non-profits who
specialize in improving conditions for bicycling and
Bicycle Friendly Community logo
The Bicycle Friendly Community program provides
incentives, hands-on assistance, and award
recognition for communities that actively support
bicycling. The League of American Bicyclists
administers the program.
Bicycle Leadership Conference logo
The Bicycle Leadership Conference brings together
leaders from advocacy, retail, distribution,
manufacturing and journalism to discuss bike industry
issues. Gary Coffrin with Ray Keener produced and
promoted the BLC in 2005 and 2006. These
conferences set records for attendance that still stand.
BPSA logo
The Bicycle Product Suppliers Association is a
wholesaler trade group of firms supplying bicycles,
parts, accessories and support services.
BBC logo
The Bikes Belong Coalition is a membership
organization founded by bicycle industry and advocacy
leaders with the mission of "putting more people on
bikes more often."
Cycling Hall Of Fame is dedicated to preserving the
history of cycling's greatest races and riders.
IBF logo
The IBF is promotes sustainable transport and
international understanding. Areas of activity are
non-motorized urban planning, economic
development, bike safety education, responsible travel
and cycle tourism and cross-cultural, educational
IMBA logo
The International Mountain Bicycling Association
mission is to create, enhance and preserve great trail
experiences for mountain bikers worldwide.
ITDP logo
The Institute for Transportation and Development
Policy works to promote environmentally sustainable
projects and policies worldwide. ITDP helps
municipalities and NGOs implement projects which
demonstrate how transport emissions and accidents
can be reduced or the basic mobility of the poor can
be improved.
LAB logo
The League of American Bicyclists is a leader in
advocating and educating on behalf of cyclists. LAB
also organize major cycling rallies and supports many
local and state cycling groups.
NBDA logo
The National Bicycle Dealers Association is a
non-profit trade group for bicycle dealers. The mission
of the NBDA is to strengthen Specialty Bicycle
National Center for Bicycling and Walking logo
The National Center for Bicycling and Walking works
to make America more bicycle friendly and walkable.
They provide information and resources for bicycle
and pedestrian practitioners, related professionals
and citizen advocates.
PE4Life is the collective voice for promoting quality,
daily physical education programs for America's youth.
Peace Pedalers logo
Peace Pedalers creates understanding among
nations through cultural exchange and education.
Participants ride special tandem bicycles and leave
the rear seat open allowing new friends they meet
around the world to ride as a gesture of peace, trust
and acceptance.
Pedals for Progress logo
Pedals for Progress rescues bicycles destined for
America's landfills and puts them to work overseas for
continuing economic development in partnership
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy logo
The Rails-to-Trails Conservancy works to create a
nationwide network of public trails from former rail
lines and connecting corridors.
Safe Routes to School logo
Safe Routes to School programs enable community
leaders, schools and parents to improve safety and
encourage more children to walk and bicycle to school.
SCORE logo
SCORE (Service Core of Retired Executives) is a
division of the Small Business Administration, and
has offices in many cities. Their free or low class
classes and consulting address generic business
issues. This allows you to use Coffrin Group services
strictly for bicycle industry analysis and guidance.
Small Business Administration logo
The U.S. Small Business Administration provides free
and low cost resources to help start or run a
business. Coffrin Group particularly recommends
consulting available from the
SCORE division.
STPP logo
The Surface Transportation Policy Project works to
ensure that transportation policy and investments help
conserve energy, protect the environment, promote
social equity and make communities more livable.
Trips For Kids logo
Trips For Kids provides bicycle outings and education
for disadvantaged kids. TFK's national program helps
those who would like to form a similar organization in
their community. TFK teaches confidence and
environmental awareness through the development of
practical skills while experiencing the joy of riding.
USA Cylcing logo
USA Cycling is recognized by the US Olympic
Committee and is responsible for identifying, training
and selecting cyclists to represent the United States in
international competitions.
WBR logo
World Bicycle Relief specializes in large-scale,
comprehensive bicycle programs by providing supply
chain management, technical knowledge and
logistics expertise to poverty relief and disaster
recovery initiatives.
YES logo
YESports provides pedestrian and bicycle educational
programs for schools, youth organizations, park
programs, law enforcement and communities.
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